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Sinister Trails Rules

  1. Weapons are not permitted on the property.
  2. Our actors will not intentionally touch you. Do not touch our actors. This is for the safety of you and our employees.
  3. Any device that can be used to light your way on the trail is not allowed.
  4. Photography and video recordings are not allowed when on premises unless you have written consent from Sinister Trails LLC.
  5. No running or roughhousing when on the property.
  6. Smoking is not allowed inside or outside when on the property.
  7. No food or drink when on the sinister trail.
  8. Sinister Trails has the right to refuse any guest admittance.
  9. For promotional purposes, you may be filmed and or photographed.

Cautionary Note

Sinister Trails brings various attractions together to stimulate and build fear in your mind. These attraction(s) may have strobe lights, Fog machines, and lively actors to create an environment built to horrify you.
Our goal is to horrify your spirit and soul. By entering the Sinister Trails Attraction(s), you thereby release Sinister Trails of all liability, and voluntarily agree, to not hold Sinister Trails, its owners, actors, contractors, and patrons accountable, thereby removing any legal liability from Sinister Trails for personal property damage, injury, or medical complications that may arise from your experience, and hereby accept, acknowledge and assume all personal risks.

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